How to Lose Weight Apart from Diet
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How to Lose Weight Apart from Diet

How to Lose Weight Apart from Diet – Having the ideal body shape and weight is of course everyone’s desire. To lose weight, people often go on a diet.

Diet is one of the main and most effort made by most people to lose weight. But it turns out that diet alone is not enough to lose weight. There are 5 other important factors that are closely related and you should not ignore them while on a diet. What are they?

1. Regular exercise

Diet and exercise are like a package that cannot be separated if we want to lose weight. Exercising is not just an effort to burn fat and calories, but the role of exercise is even greater than that.

Exercise is very good for maintaining a healthy body, because physical activity can strengthen the heart muscle and make blood flow to the small blood vessels around the heart more smoothly. If our heart is healthy and works optimally, the burning of calories and metabolism will run smoothly.

In addition, exercise is also very good for toning and increasing the ability of muscles to take up oxygen in the blood. Some good exercises that are recommended for weight loss are cardio and also strength training.

2. Maintain a good diet, do not starve

Many people think that diet is about reducing food intake in the hopes of losing weight. Whereas diet is a pattern of consuming food in which way and food sources are regulated. A good and recommended diet is to eat healthy foods and pay attention to calorie intake.

Apart from paying attention to the amount of calorie intake, another thing that is no less important is choosing healthy foods that you should consume. Such as reducing the consumption of trans / saturated fats, foods high in salt and sugar, and replacing them with foods that are fibrous, contain lots of nutrients and protein.

Diansir, in 2018 researchers found that eating high-fiber and protein foods can effectively lose weight without having to pay close attention to calorie intake.

3. Stop staying up late, start applying quality sleep patterns

Exercise is routine, as well as a well-preserved healthy diet. After that, improve by maintaining a quality sleep pattern as well. At least humans need at least 6-7 hours of sleep each day.

Poor sleep quality can lead to obesity. Reported by, the results of the study say that lack of sleep can actually increase our interest in foods that are high in fat, carbohydrates and calories. In addition, if we lack sleep, it will certainly damage the body’s biological clock so that the metabolism will be chaotic which can lead to weight gain.

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4. Stress

An overly stressful state of mind can have the potential to increase your weight, you know. This is caused by increased production of the hormone cortisol in the body, so this hormone can trigger excessive eating habits. This can damage the diet and healthy habits that you are already living. Therefore, it is also important for you to regulate your mental, mental and emotional state. Exercise is a great way to avoid stress.

5. Water intake in the body

Don’t forget the big role water plays in the weight loss process. Water is needed by our bodies and is very good for consumption because it is 100 percent calorie free. Many recommend that you should drink 1-2 liters of water a day, but this depends on the activities of each person so that water consumption needs vary.…