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Rice Substitute Diet Food

Rice Substitute Diet Food – Rice is one of the staple foods that we usually eat everyday. As we all know that rice has many ingredients that can make us fat. However, apart from rice, there are also a number of other local foods that have the potential to replace rice.

Some people are probably no longer unfamiliar with this food and in some areas it has even become a staple food instead of rice.

Rice Substitute Diet Food

1. Cassava

The first staple food substitute for rice is cassava which is one of the tubers that is no less good for the body than rice. Cassava can also be made into various kinds of preparations such as boiled cassava, fried cassava, roasted cassava, or cassava rice.

Whole cassava has a fairly high carbohydrate content, making it suitable as a staple food substitute for rice. If you are on a diet program, cassava is one of the foods that are highly recommended for consumption, this is none other than because cassava is known to be free of fat and cholesterol.

2. Sweet Potato

The next staple food substitute for rice is sweet potatoes. Usually, sweet potatoes are consumed by people in Papua and Maluku, especially those who live in mountainous areas. This sweet potato will later be processed by means of a typical stone burn.

The carbohydrate content in sweet potatoes is higher than cassava, besides that sweet potatoes also contain vitamin A which can meet your daily vitamin needs, even more than 100%. In addition, sweet potatoes have a sweeter taste than other Indonesian staples instead of rice.

3. Corn

Corn is probably one of the most popular Indonesian staple foods after rice. But corn is not well-known as a staple food, except in the areas of Madura, East Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi and Central Java. Usually corn is processed into corn rice as a staple food substitute for rice.

Unlike other staple foods, corn is very rich in vitamins and contains enough carbohydrates for the body’s daily needs. In addition, corn also contains zinc, phosphorus, and calcium are quite high, which can even lower cholesterol levels.

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4. Barley

Besides corn, another staple food substitute for rice is barley which may sound a bit foreign to your ears. But one of Indonesia’s staple foods has been widely cultivated in various regions.

Barley or what is usually known in Java as Hanjeli is usually processed into snacks. Now there are also those who consume barley as a staple food.

5. Sago

Sago has become a staple food for Indonesia in several provinces, especially in Maluku and Papua. Sago comes from the trunk of the sago tree from which the starch is extracted. Sago is usually processed into papeda or into cakes through sago flour. In Papua, the use of sago as a staple food for Indonesia, you can usually see in coastal areas.

If you are a diabetic patient, then consuming sago is highly recommended because sago is known as one of the foods that have a low glycemic index. With a fairly high carbohydrate content, sago is low in other vitamins. But the consumption of sago is almost the same as the consumption of rice eaten with other side dishes.